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Fire-Rated Doors in Mississauga and Toronto

A fire-rated door can help protect your residential or commercial property from fire hazards and is often required to comply with fire codes. It helps provide fire separations and access to leave during a fire emergency by restraining fire from spreading and providing fast and safe evacuation routes. When it comes to sourcing fire-rated doors in Toronto, count on Remac Door & Hardware. Our experienced staff can provide you with the necessary information and guidance regarding your building requirements.


If you want to protect your property with high-quality doors and hardware, you can contact us to discuss our comprehensive range of products and services.

Fire-Rated Openings must Comply with Building and Fire Codes

Remac Door & Hardware stocks a wide range of fire-rated products that can meet almost any project requirement. Remac Door & Hardware is a certified Warnock Hersey partner for the fabrication and sales of fire-rated openings, including custom screen work.


Fire-rated openings cover a wide range of requirements and subsequent product specifications and functionality. Compliance requirements vary according to room type or corridor function, as well as occupancy ratings, traffic flows, and local interpretations of building and fire codes.


Fire-rated openings require frames, doors, and hardware that comply with rating requirements and building codes.

door with fire exit

Importance of Fire-rated Doors

Fire-rated doors help safeguard and secure your premises against potential fire hazards. They are specifically designed to slow down or help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Fire-resistant doors are required by building code in any fire-rated partition and are needed to commission a building and to obtain insurance coverage:

  • Fire doors help slow or block the spread of flames and smoke.

  • Fire-rated doors are essential to comply with life safety standards and provide rescue teams the time needed to evacuate the building and safely fight any fire events.

  • Fire-rated doors help minimize the fire-related damage caused to the property and are an important component of your building's passive fire protection system.

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Fire Door Ratings and Classified Openings

All the fire-rated doors must be self-closing, positive latching, and the frame and hardware must carry the appropriate fire label. The door you select will depend on the opening location and the wall it sits in. The site location is the primary factor in determining the requirement of the length of exposure based on the potential fire hazard. The table below is the opening classifications:

*All the above fire-protection ratings are tested and classified by International Building Code.

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