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Eletronic High Security Door Hardware  in Mississauga

For assured protection on your building, you can count on Remac Door & Hardware for high-security hardware and doors. Improving an opening to provide high-security capabilities involves upgrading all elements of the openings, including frames, doors and hardware. The frames will typically be installed in masonry walls or steel-reinforced walls that require the appropriate anchoring.


The frames can be upgraded from the typical 16 Ga to 14 Ga material and should always be welded properly. Hardware preparations for the high-security hardware also need to be provided. Electric strikes, heavyweight hinges, multi-point locks and Grade 1 hardware are all common elements that need to be considered.


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Benefits of Installing a High-Security Lock System

At Remac Door and Hardware, we understand the stress you might be going through every day to ensure that your building or offices are safe and secure. Installing a high-security lock system can offer peace of mind.

They provide a restricted entryway.
They prevent lock picking and are drill-resistant.
They allow you to reset your keys or pins easily.
They can be monitored remotely and set alarms.
They are cost-effective in the long run.
They can monitor the status of an opening and make sure it is secure

The metal composition of high-security lock systems makes them solid and heavy. It is made to withstand a lot of force against unwanted instructions in your offices. For us, your security is our number one priority.


You can rely on us at Remac Door and Hardware for installing your high-security lock systems across the GTA

Types of High-Security Hardware

High-security doors typically require 16 Ga doors, often with steel stiffeners and weld seam edges. Again, the high-security hardware being used needs to be accommodated with the necessary preparations, and material can be upgraded to 14 Ga. If litres are installed, appropriate lite kits and glass should always be used.


High-security hardware typically means heavy-duty hinges, Grade 1 lock systems or multi-point lock systems. Often, mortise locks or exit devices are used. Electrified hardware is another common element of high-security openings. Electric strikes, electrified locks, and exit devices are often integrated with access control systems so that card readers, bio scanners, or proximity readers can control access.


Latch monitoring options, door contacts and request to exit functions are other common features of the electrified hardware being used. These allow security personnel or systems to monitor the status of an opening and to make sure it is secure. Finally, secure key systems are available from many manufacturers and can be used in most Grade 1 hardware via industry-standard removable core systems.


This allows a Medeco key system to be installed in a Schlage L series mortise lock as an example. There are many options available for high-security key systems. However, all involve controlled access to key blanks that are specific to the system installed.


You can also choose specialty products for openings requiring ballistic ratings (bulletproof) or blast ratings from our inventory. These are costly assemblies rated by the manufacturer and usually involve long lead times and highly customized solutions.

door with digital lock

Premium Electronic High-Security Openings and Hardware

We provide high-security door hardware in Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA.

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