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Complete Door & Hardware Solutions for Any Size Project

Serving Construction Professionals and Contractors, for over 35 years

Quality Hollow Metal Doors in Mississauga and Toronto

Hollow metal doors are commonly used in most commercial construction projects. Remac Door and Hardware supplies hollow metal doors in Mississauga and Toronto. Remac stocks a wide range of hollow metal doors that can all be fire rated. Remac’s extensive shop can cut and install door lites as well as provide the glass.


Why choose us?

Remac Door & Hardware serves construction professionals and contractors. For over 35 years, we have been providing quality products and services to our clients. Remac supplies hollow metal doors, frames and screens for any project. Remac is known for quality products from leading manufacturers. Remac has extensive on site inventory and a large and experienced shop shop. Our in-house fabrication facilities help us meet your custom requirements quickly to ensure your project is completed on time.

We offer competitive pricing, a large on site inventory, extensive on site fabrication capabilities, in-house design and spec writing expertise and project management services. Whatever door and hardware requirements you may have, Remac can help. Remac also supplies products such as automatic door operators and wooden doors.


Hollow Metal Door Frame

Openings in commercial buildings often require heavy duty durability, fire ratings and enhanced security. Hollow metal door frames are the go to solution for most projects.

Remac has an extensive onsite inventory of hollow metal frame and screen materials and a large and experienced shop that can fabricate all the custom frame and screens needed for any project.


Custom Hollow Metal Screens & Hollow Metal Frames

Remac Doors and Hardware supplies custom hollow metal screens and hollow metal frames for any project.

We understand that every project needs to be completed on time and on budget and that the inevitable changes that come along need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Remac’s extensive on site inventory and large shop allows us to quickly meet your project’s requirements.

Contact us to tell us of your requirement or let us assess your need and suggest suitable options. We supply quality hollow metal doors and frames to Mississauga and Toronto and the GTA and have successfully completed many projects for over 35 years. Contact us today if you are looking for hollow metal doors in Toronto.



How can we help?

Contact Remac today for all your door and hardware needs

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