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Adding High-Security Hardware to Your Door Opening

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If you're a business owner, one of the most pivotal parts of your job is to keep your premises safe. There are many different ways you can do this. Making sure everything is up to code, hiring security guards, and having a working alarm system are all good security options for business. But what about the points of weakness, such as the doorways into and out of your building? What can you do to make sure these entry points are not leaving your business vulnerable to criminals? Is it time to upgrade your door? Installing high-security hardware on your doors is a great way to do just this. Read on to learn more about what exactly this is and how it can benefit your business.

What Is High-Security Hardware?

As the name would suggest, high-security hardware is a type of mechanism that's attached to or installed in a door to make it safe and secure. It might sound fancy and high-tech, and in some cases, it is. Electric strikes, electrified locks and electrified exit devices are some of the types of door hardware that you may find on the market. However, these things aren't merely added on to a regular door. The door itself must also be modified to be as safe and secure as possible. High-security frames, heavyweight hinges, and multi-point locks are also often added. Working together, all of these systems create a door that's much more secure and easily controllable than an average doorway. Additional commercial door security features such as bulletproof material for the door can be included on request.

Why Does Your Business Need a More Secure Door?

Many businesses hesitate to add such safety features because of the cost this can incur. However, most companies don't consider the possible cost of not installing these safety features. Did you know that over the course of the pandemic, business break-ins rose by up to 100% in some areas of Canada? You may feel safe and secure, but if you're not taking steps to make sure that's the case, you might find yourself falling victim to a robbery or break-in. What's more, security features will make your employees, customers, and clients feel a lot more confident about working with you. Creating a safer environment has many far-reaching positive effects on your business.

Make Your Business More Secure Today

If you want to feel more confident about the safety of your business, adding high-security hardware to your door is a great option. Remac Door and Hardware is proud to have served the companies of Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and the rest of the GTA since 1983. Get in touch with Remac today to discuss your project—we're happy to help.


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