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Measuring a Door Frame for Replacement: A Simple Guide

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You've decided to update your business, and you've picked out a beautiful replacement door. Imagine picking up your new door and starting to install it only to realize that it's 1/2 centimetre too wide. At this point, you either have to lug it back to the store and swap it out or begin to troubleshoot adjusting the door to fit the frame. Measuring a door frame is a critical step to ensuring you purchase a properly-sized door to replace your old one. This process doesn't need to be difficult. While some people can laugh about their DIY missteps, save yourself time by reading this simple guide to guarantee your door fits every time.

The Basics of Measuring a Door Frame You've decided you need a new door. Where do you start? Grab your measuring tape and something to write with. Jot down these key measurements:

  • The width of the door frame at the top, middle, and bottom

  • The height of the frame from the threshold to the top of the jamb

  • The thickness of your door and your door jamb

True to the spirit of the old adage "measure twice, cut once" you'll want to double-check your measurements. Doors and frames can warp over time. A slightly smaller door will work just fine, but a door that is too large will cause problems in the long run. Understanding the Lingo Now that you've double-checked your measurements, you're almost ready to head to the store to pick out your door replacement. Here's some terminology to help you sort through the many options available. Doors can swing to either the left or the right. Check which way it swings by opening it all the way and standing with your back against the hinge-side of the door frame. If the door handle is to your left, you have a left-hand door. To the right? You guessed it, right-hand door. A big question will be whether you want a pre-hung door or door slab. Pre-hung doors are a set that contains a door already hung in a door frame. A door slab is a door sold by itself. If you have a frame already in place, you'll want a door slab on its own. How to Pick Your Door Replacement You're nearly ready to go pick out your door. You understand the basic vocab of doors, and you know the size of the door that you'll need. The final piece of information you'll need is the type of door to purchase. Is it an exterior door? Check out solid wood, fibreglass, or steel as the materials of choice. Interior doors have the benefit of not needing to be as weather-resistant. Hollow-core doors are lighter and easier to install than solid-wood doors. Take It to the Experts At any point in measuring a door frame, you may have questions. There are experts at Remac Door and Hardware ready to assist you. Give us a call or email us at with your questions.


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