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Upgrading to Electronic Locks for Commercial Buildings

An electronic lock on the glass door

There is a growing popularity of touch screens and smart deadbolts in commercial buildings. According to Market Data Forecast, the global smart locks market size will hit $4 billion by 2026. The increased demand results from adaption to new technology, the need for extra security, and reduced infection contact. Since no physical keys are required, people do not have to touch the door to unlock it. Also, electronic locks protect the buildings from intruders trying to pick the locks. Only employees with permission can enter the buildings. Read on to learn about the other benefits of upgrading to electronic locks for commercial buildings.

Easy Tracking Most commercial buildings have a lot of traffic of people going in and out. With electronic locks, you will be able to control and keep track of who goes inside the building. You can also integrate business locks with the employee database. The database will record anyone who enters the most critical areas of your commercial building. If something goes amiss within the premises, it’ll be easy to determine the suspect. Use Biometric System For Extra Layer of Security Areas storing private data, documents, ownership certificates, and financial records should be protected with an extra layer of security. Electronic locks with biometric integration use fingerprints, retina scanners, or facial recognition devices to unlock the space. This measure is an extra step in restricting access to only specific personnel. Reduce Break-in Sometimes, people might forget to lock the main door of a commercial building or lock it improperly. Criminals and intruders take advantage of this mistake to gain entry into your property and steal or damage your possessions. Upgrading to electronic locks ensures this doesn’t happen. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the doors are firmly locked each time someone leaves. Also, the locks can be connected to alarm systems which can alert the alarm company of potential emergencies or suspicious activities. Upgrade to Electronic Locks Physical keys can be easily copied or stolen. Reduce your vulnerability by switching to electronic locks to add an extra layer of security to the building. Keep your employees safe and secure with the latest electronic locks. Contact Remac Door & Hardware to learn more about upgrading to electronic locks for your commercial buildings.


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