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When is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Door

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When a customer or client visits your business, their first impression comes from the doors. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and you want to create the right image of your business. Doors that are broken, in disrepair, or lack adequate security simply send the wrong message to both customers and employees. The doors to your business are an important part of how you are viewed and how your business functions. Do your commercial doors do what they need to for your business? Is it time to consider commercial door replacement? Read on for the signs of needing a new commercial door.

Damaged Doors

Doors, frames and hardware all wear with use and with time. When your doors start to delaminate, hardware no longer is working properly, or frames start to rust out due to exposure to the elements and winter salting, it is time to replace your doors. This reduces the security and energy efficiency of your doors.

New Security Requirements

When the security on your existing doors is no longer functioning properly or when there is a need for additional security on an opening, then it is time to consider replacing the door, hardware and sometimes the frame. This is often the only real option available, but also usually provides the best, fastest and most cost-effective solution.

Visible Light Between the Frame and Door

When your door is closed, if you have signs of light seeping through, then your door is no longer fitting properly. This means that not only is light getting into your business, but also unwanted weather too. It also means you're paying for unnecessary heat and air conditioning and that there could be security issues.

Difficulty Opening or Closing the Door

If a door is difficult to open or close it is usually a sign of a structural problem with either the frame or the door or both. It means the door isn't fitting well in the frame. It can also mean there is a problem with the hardware. It may be time to look at replacing the door, hardware or even the frame depending on the situation.

Energy Efficiency

New doors provide a better seal and better energy efficiency for your business. Getting new doors might be an investment, yet one that pays off over the long haul in energy savings too.

Commercial Door Replacement for Your Business

You want your commercial doors to not only make the right impression but also provide the security and functionality needed for your business. Replacing a commercial will be a smart investment for your business. Do you need help with commercial door replacement? Remac Door & Hardware has the door and hardware solutions you need for your business. Contact us today to get more information.



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